Medical Services


Northcure Medical Service is a part of Eximecs LLC, a leading global supplier of hospital beds. Northcure Medical Service is a  manufacturer of hospital and nursing beds. The company’s portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular in-bed treatment. The Northcure range also includes medical uniforms and antidecubitus mattress. The company has big distributor network worldwide for distributing health solutions for patients. Main goal is distributing health solutions and providing easy health care for hospital staff. The firm regulary realize innovative research and development works and manufacture high quality medical products. Northcure follows new medical trends around world to provide innovator solutions. The products that Northcure has consist of German engines and Turkish engineering.

We know our precious partners’ everyday problems and our solutions help overcome them. We constitute delivery chain by appointing distributors and from the first moment of cooperation, we work meticulously on our precious partners’ requirements and generate professional solutions.

We are a stable company and have stable relations with our business partners. We act transparently, and strive for relations based on mutual respect.

We transform each order demand into an exciting experience, inspired by the flawless connection between high technology and attractive design.


    We are aware of how valuable and important the knowledge and labor is for our esteemed business partners, and all confidential company information of our business partners, intermediaries and manufacturers cannot be shared with any third parties. While we are aware of Eximecs, information security and social responsibilities, we have created our values with an honest, ethical, disciplined, trust and confidentiality approach.


    Together with our business partners in the global trade race, the aim of expanding and branding the export volume of our country has guided our working principles. In this direction, the best use of our efforts and investments with our business partners mutually, and playing an active role in international trade in a globalized world by strengthening together are among our priority principles.


    To establish mutually reliable business partnerships with our business partners and to ensure that they are best represented by us at home and abroad through disciplined and original works. To lead them in taking more profitable steps in line with their demands and expanding their business volumes.